Amba Devi Temple, Amravati, Maharashtra, India

Deities: Goddess Ambadevi
Location: Amravati, Maharashtra
Major Attractions: Navratri Festival
Best Time to Visit: October-March
STD Code: 0721

Amravati is a city in the state of Maharashtra in India. It is believed to be the city of Lord Indra, the king of all gods. The city boasts of historical temples of Goddess Amba, Lord Shri Krishna and Shri Venkateshwara.

Shri Ambadevi Temple is situated at the heart of the city at Gandhi Square. Maharashtra, which is 155 km from Nagpur. The presiding deity is Amba Devi (Goddess of Shakti). According to legends, it is believed that Shri Krishna married Rukmini after abducting her when she came to pray at the Amba Devi temple. It is a very old temple and can find its mention in the old gazetteers. People from all walks of life and from different parts of India visit this temple.
The Goddess Amba is popular amongst the devotees from Vidarbha. The temple is held in great reverence by Hindus and people from different corners of not only Maharashtra, but the whole of India come to Amravati to pay respects to the Goddess.

There is a very interesting legend associated with the Amba Devi Temple of Amaravati. It goes that King Bhishmak’s daughter Rukmini fell in love with Lord Krishna, after hearing the tales of His courage. However, her brother Rukmiya fixed her marriage with his friend, King Shishupal of Chedi. It is said that Rukmini was kidnapped by the Lord just a day before her marriage to Shishupal, when she came to visit the Ambadevi Temple.

The Navaratri Festival, which falls just before Dassehra festival, when the whole temple gets beautifully decorated. Is celebrated by people & the temple authorities with gaiety & Harmony. During these nine days various cultural and religious programs are arranged. Big mela is held on this occasion which is visited by people from all walks of life with same enthusiasm. People belonging to, even the neighbouring cities flock to the festival during this time, to catch a glimpse of the Goddess.

Other Attraction:
Melghat Tiger Reserve
Satidham Temple
Shri Bhakti Dham Temple
National Park

How to reach:
by Air: Nagpur is the nearest airport, which is 155-km away from Amaravati.
by Rail: Nagpur is the terminus of the branch line of Central Railway on Mumbai-Kolkotta main line. It is 1 Km towards West from Amravati Railway station & 1.5 Km.
by Road: Regular buses connect Amaravati with the important towns and cities within the state.

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