Namaste to every Divine visitors.

Our blog Tirth.net, is a geart source of information on Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism and Festival. Tirth is working very hard to collect information on above subjects. It is a official blog of www.Tirth.net. Tirth.net is like a Google or Wikipedia of above subject, in future, Tirth.net is planning to add more religions, just be with us and walk with our journey towards almighty.

We welcome Information and Suggestion from you as well. You can post the information on any Hindu Mandir (temple), Hindu God, Hindu Goddess, Sikhism, Sikh Gurdwara, Jainism, Jain Derasar and Festival. We will try to add on to our blog and onto our website, www.Tirth.net as well.

Our Mandir information is provided by

3 Responses

  1. fantastic, informative, evoking site.

  2. Nice Idea of having a site on this type of information.
    Keep up your good work.

  3. Dear Reddy,
    Thank you very much for your time to visit Tirth.net. Tirth.net has only one vision and that is, to give information of great Mandir information. You must be aware that Hinduism is more then 5000 years old faith. Hindu temple had great history and still in present it is creating history by new temples like Akshardham, Delhi. Tirth has only that aim that people of the world can understand the real Hinduism by our thousands of temples.
    You can help Tirth by giving information of our work to your Friends and Family. You can help Tirth by sending information of the temples that you love and believe.
    Once again keep visiting our blog because we are keep updating with new Temples.
    You can also visit our official website, http://www.Tirth.net and sponsorer like http://www.Kundlee.com and http://www.DivineTravellers.com, because without fincial support from them, we might not exist.

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