Lingaraj Mandir, Bhubaneshwar, Orissa, IN

Deities: Lord Shiva
Location: Bhubaneshwar, Orissa
Built in: 11th century
Significance: Self-Originated Lingam

Lingaraj Temple is believed to be the oldest and largest temple of Bhubaneshwar. The temple of Lingaraja is highly revered by the followers of Hinduism. Lingraj Mandir is easily accessible from the city. The term ‘Lingaraj’ suggests ‘the king of Lingas’, where ‘linga’ is the phallic form of Lord Shiva. In the 11th century, Lingaraj Temple was built by the King Jajati Keshari, who belonged to Soma Vansh. It is thought that when the King shifted his capital from Jaipur to Bhubaneshwar, he started the construction of Lingaraj Temple.

This ancient temple has also been referred in the Brahma Purana, a Hindu scripture. Not less than 1000 years old. However, there are many parts that are acknowledged to date back the 6th century. It is said that when the construction of Lingaraj Temple was about to complete, the Jagannath cult started growing. This belief is further empowered with the fact that Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva are worshipped here.

Lingaraj Temple depicts the rich legacy of Indian culture and traditions. The colossal temple attracts thousands of devotees and pilgrims to its doorstep every year. The spiritual ecstasy offered by the temple is worth feeling for once.

The Temple Architecture:
The Lingaraj temple is divided into four distinct chambers interconnected to each other; the external part (Jagamohana), the inner sanctum sanctorum (Garbhagriha), and a conical beehive shaped tower forming the third part (Natay mandap and the Bhoga Mandap). The temple complex has a planned drainage system and is designed well to keep monsoon rains off the walls. The fact is endorsed by the use of completely different type of sandstones and the architectural style followed, which relates to a much later period of history.

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During the month of March-April, the whole city unites to celebrate the four-day Chariot festival. Dazzling in its own way, the fiesta is celebrated with great pomp and show. Major attractions include drawing Lord Lingaraj on his chariot to Rameswara temple and fairs organized by the state government. Plan your trip during this season to enjoy the joyous festive moment.

How to reach:
One can easily reach Lingaraj Temple by taking local buses or by hiring Taxis from the city of Bhubaneshwar; the Biju Patnaik Airport can help you to reach the temple.

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